The Dark Secret of Online Bingo?

It never ceases to amaze me, in every chat room, at every bingo site, there’s always several players that swear NO ONE knows they play bingo at a pay site.

We’ve all heard things like “My hubby thinks this is free,” “I hide the bank statements from my significant other,” “I won a JP but I can’t tell anyone because no one knows I play for real money,” “My significant other would kill me if they knew I paid to play here.” Those are just a few examples of BINGOHOLICS IN THE CLOSET.

Now WHY in the world would someone play bingo in the closet I ask myself. So, I ventured into the chat rooms to see if I could find the answer. The main reasons seem to be:

    •    I don’t want my significant other to know I spend money playing bingo because they think it’s silly and would be mad.
    •    My significant other thinks gambling is bad.
    •    I like to flirt with others in the chat room.
    •    My significant other thinks I work hard all day cleaning house and taking care of the kids and if they knew I had time to play bingo, I might have to get a job LOL.

I don’t know about you but these reasons draw very funny visuals in my mind. I hear conversations like “honey, where’s the bank statement……Oh dear, I left it on the counter and the dog ate it.”

“Darling what is this Neteller and why do we have an entire page of bank charges to them….I was Christmas shopping online. I’m so busy during the day I just don’t have time to go out!”

Or “Sweetheart where is the Visa card and why haven’t we gotten any statements in the last few months?”….”Oh I think I paid that off and put the card away in the drawer, let me go get it for you!” Knowing full well the card is on the desk next to the computer and the statements have all been burned in the fireplace LOLOL.

I talked to one player who won a large JP and her husband had NO IDEA she played bingo online for real money. I asked “what did you tell him when you won the JP?” She replied “I didn’t tell him, I put the money in a savings account and paid for things out of that account…I told him it was money I had been tucking away out of his pay checks!”

I guess since my wife and I are both avid bingo players, I can’t fathom keeping such a deep dark secret from her and not sharing the fun of winning and the sorrow of losing. It’s no fun to win and have no one to share it with, or is it? Is it really the fun of sneaking and doing something and the thrill of “not getting caught” that leads some to relish the dark secret of online bingo?

Who really knows the answer, only those that keep the secret I suppose but my solution to the closet bingoholic ….set up an account for your significant other, fund it and give it to them for Christmas. Then, they too can be a bingoholic and everyone knows the family that plays together, stays together!

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