Tips to Get More Pokies Playtime

How often does it happen to sit down at your local pub or casino and play on the pokie machine with a $50 bankroll and only after 10 minutes to realise that you’ve lost everything? And when this happens, don’t you just feel the urge to go to the closest ATM to draw out more money and continue playing? Despite the fact that your luck may twist and with more money you may be able to win back your losses, this gambling behaviour is dangerous, because you may as well lose control of how much money you spend.

There are a few strategies which you, as a player, should apply in order to maximise your pokies playtime. We’ll have a look at these tips, and hopefully you’ll be able to make use of them, get more entertainment for your money and increase your wins.

Play Online Pokies

First of all, if you still visit your local-brick and mortar casino or pub, it’s about time for you to replace this old-school venue with a modern gambling environment by joining the world of online gambling. When playing online casino games you have an additional layer of convenience and ease, doing it anytime you want, without the hassles associated with physical casinos. In addition, online pokies give you a higher chance of winning and longer playtime due to the numerous online casino bonuses and high payout rates.

Set a Budget

The key to longer pokie playtime is not a bigger budget, but a set budget. When playing online pokies it may be a bit harder for you to control you spends, as you have an easy access to your money through your bank account. Nevertheless, just because the physical action of going to the ATM is absent, it doesn’t mean that you can forget that you play with your real, hard-earned money. That is why you need to set a gambling budget and always stick to it. By setting some clear boundaries at the beginning of each pokie session, you’ll know how much money you can afford to lose and how much you’d be happy to win. Yes, setting boundaries to your wins is also important, as too often players get greedy and when they win a decent amount of money they don’t stop. Conversely, they continue wagering even more with the hope to double those winnings, and in result many of them end up losing everything. By determining your budget you’ll also be able to spread the money throughout your playtime the best way possible.

Determine a Set Number of Spins

In order to spread your money throughout your playtime effectively, you also need to mathematically calculate the number of spins you want to play within your budget. According to that number, determine which online pokies machine is the best choice for you, taking into consideration the bet size required. If you play with a small bankroll and you want longer playtime, choose a pokie game that can be played with a minimum bet placed and don’t go for the progressive pokies where maximum bet is required, because then, unless you win the jackpot or other big prize, your game session will finish sooner than you wish.

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