Don’t use the Check/Fold Button!

nline poker rooms have a set of buttons they have in place for the convenience of the players to help speed the games up and keep them flowing freely. These buttons include a “Call” button, a “Raise” button, a “Fold” button and of course the “Check/Fold” button.

The idea of these buttons is that you can decide what move you want to make before it reaches your turn again and the software will automatically carry out your chosen move when it is your turn. This is particularly helpful for multi-table players and can be quite useful but the one button that you should not ever use is the Check/Fold button.

Check_Fold Button

Why? Well because this button will only appear when you are in the big blind position and by consistently using this button you are effectively letting any observant players at the table know whether your hand is good or not. If they notice you are using this button they can spot that whenever you are in the big blind position and you automatically check straight away then you don’t have a hand worth calling or raising on.

This means they can take advantage of this and simple raise and more often than not you will fold. Now that you know not to use this button you can however be on the lookout for people that do and use this to your advantage!

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