Gambling – It’s effects and Symptoms

There are interesting problems and issues occurring in the act of gambling and some ways of how it can be diagnosed. Many individuals especially teenagers go for gambling in an excessive way, they easily get used to spending most of their time in gambling. Although gambling does have its own excitement and thrills, which fill out this time, as with everything, it has its pros and cons. The excess of anything is always bad. Excessive gambling may lead to serious types of consequences and adverse effects. The thrills and excitement can turn to loss and despair and there is no predicting when this can occur of how it can be recognized. Now the question is how you diagnose the symptoms of gambling!

Disorders in moods and thoughts are now being considered as the primary and basic symptoms.

We have noticed and observed that one of the major groups of people who are gamblers comprises of teenagers, possibly because they may be within the group of people who are not working. Gambling is somewhat an adventurous element and teenagers are drawn easily to the thrill and excitement that it offers. The tolerance level gets built up while they continue to gamble. This tolerance at a high level produces many big gamblers! Restlessness and irritation appear when this happens. People who get addicted with gambling get irritated over the smallest things much of the time.

There might be a situation when a person is facing a serious type of problem; a gambler will always try to escape the problem and not face up to it and the problems never get solved. Another symptom of gambling is the chasing factor. It is common in gambling that the person who wants, or even needs, to win the most in gambling usually ends up losing the most. Irrationality and simple mistakes take over that can be disastrous for the individual. They end up lying to their family members and friends as the situation continues to spiral out of control and the addiction takes hold. Relationships are often destroyed due to gambling.

If a person lacks self-control, they will have little control over this addiction. If that person tries then to reduce gambling, instead of quitting and understanding their experience then they are likely to fail. It has been seen many times where things become so severe when this person loses money, that they desperately search of other ways to recover it, this might include theft or fraud.

Only with well-defined limits on spending and a desire only for entertainment only does gambling become safe, especially for teenagers. As soon as the need for money appears or time gets exclusively spent on it does it then become a problem.

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